Save a vet 

The Save a Vet Foundation provides critical support for the warriors, veterans, and families of Naval Special Warfare


United States Navy SEALs are some of the hardest working and specialized members of our military, however when that service ends their hardest struggle can sometimes go unnoticed. The Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans was founded in hopes of bringing assistance to Navy SEAL veterans as they transition back into civilian life by providing various services and resources to both veterans and their family members.


The Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans helps operators, no matter their geographic location or military status, seeking education about life after service to our country.

Learning is nothing new, but using the experiences of other trusted teammates, the Foundation has developed a variety of educational services that will help operators move seamlessly into civilian life. Many of our educational services are aimed at areas either vastly different between military life and civilian life, or have been wholly unused in military life. These services are offered not just to the operator, but their families as well, since the transitional process is felt by everyone in the family.

Utilizing the established networks and resources of the Foundation, partners, and former teammates, we will offer operators, veterans, and their families ways to learn everything from household skills to money management. We will also help them learn the things they will need when deciding to buy a home, a car, plan for college, as well as, finding the right paperwork to fill out to ensure they receive all the benefits they have earned. Many of these services may seem simple, however for someone who is making the huge lifestyle change faced by many operators, doing these things alone can be a daunting task. The Foundations’ aim is to be a guide the operators receive everything they need and have earned.


The Foundation for Navy SEAL Veterans understands there are many challenges faced by operators as they navigate the transitional gap from military life to civilian life. With this in mind, the Foundation offers a mentorship program to guide the operator through their transitional process.

Whether you are active duty planning your future or a veteran who has already left service, the Foundation offers a tailored mentorship program, which allows us to understand each operators’ needs. As part of our program the mentor works with the protégé to assess those needs and help formulate appropriate steps, while utilizing the best information from already established connections and resources. Each operator will initially be paired with a former trusted teammate as a mentor. These former teammates are aware of the operators’ transitional challenges, having already navigated their own transitional gap.

Examples of the areas in which our mentors will guide operators include, but are not limited to; career, relocation, benefits, schooling, and available assistance offered to veterans in certain industries. These are only examples and not all operators will need guidance in each of these areas. We strive to contour the program so that the operator gets the most from their mentor. The mentor/protégé relationship is not strictly for those who have already left active duty, but is also available to those operators still active and planning for the day when they are released from active duty. Not all mentorship areas require you to be a veteran. In most cases the mentorship program can be started in advance so that when you finish your military career you will be more prepared and ready for a smooth transition.